For 20 years we have led the way in cutting-edge tattooing, and we continue to offer some of the best, cleanest and most innovative tattooing being done today.
We boast a crop of top tattooers in our Central London and Brighton shops, together with a selection of jewellery, books and T’s. Browse our site, and we hope to see you soon.

Started in 1993, Into You was the first truly custom shop in the capital. Our aim – to offer a spacious, relaxed environment in which to get innovative, often large-scale tattoo work. We also offer a platform for tattooers to expand their artistic horizons, and have hosted some amazing artists over the years; our list of top notch tattooers who have honed their skills with us include Curly, Xed le Head, Nikole Lowe, and Thomas Hooper. Our current permanent staff includes some of London’s finest, many of whom have been with us for years, and we have regular guests working with us from around the world. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries, and are known world wide for continuing to do so.

We started the Brighton shop in 2006 to bring the same level of excellence to a wider audience.

We are here because of a genuine love of tattooing, and our aim is to give you the best tattoo we can. These days, tattooing being such a broad church, we offer tattoos in a wide variety of styles; from large to small, traditional to tribal. Have a good look through our online portfolios to get an idea what you would like, and who you would like to do it. If you like what you see, pay us a visit in our Central London, or Brighton shops, we can then talk through your ideas, and take it from there. These days getting a tattoo is rarely an impulse, but a well thought out, step by step procedure: we can help and guide you all the way.